Come and celebrate your birthday at an active farm!

woodside Farm

Woodside Farm is offering birthday parties for up to 10 children per booking.

What We Provide For You…

You will get your own private room in the traditional “milk house” with a fenced-in yard attached. Perfect even for the little ones.

You will have your own petting zoo right in that yard. Donkeys, a llama, goats, sheep, rabbits, ducks, pigs and lots of chickens all live on our farm.

Our host will educate about our animals and facilitate an hour of hands-on time with some of them. Feeding, grooming and playing with them, learning some of their names and personalities will make this an unforgettable birthday party.

This is suitable for all weather – the room can be heated and the covered porch allows the children to play outside with the animals without getting wet.

The duration of each booking is 2 ½ hours and the cost is $175.
This includes a host for the first hour and the last half hour (one hour in between for snacks, cake and presents), private room and clean-up.

You bring your own food and drinks, plates, silverware, napkins etc.

Times are available as follows:

Saturdays from 12 – 2:30 and 3 – 5:30
Sundays from 11 – 1:30 and 2 – 4:40

If you have any further questions send us a message through our contact box or our Facebook page.

We hope to welcome you soon to Woodside Farm and share our love of animals with you!